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Proceed With Caution

You know how golden words can roll off someone’s tongue and you are ready to proclaim them all-knowing and all-seeing? But then, they keep talking and that burst of brilliance fades to black… That was my experience with an article written by...


What Are They Thinking?

I decided not to jump into the fray of the Springer college admissions scandal. The people involved are reasonably far removed from my world. My clients are seeking information that will complement the efforts of their children to gain access to...


Getting Admitted

If you Google how to be automatically admitted to Texas A&M, the following will be displayed; “Automatically admitted if you complete all of Texas A&M’s required coursework, rank in the top 25% of your class at the time of...


You Can’t Make Them Drink

Every year a number of parents usher their bright students into a preliminary meeting with me to explore the possibility of getting help with college planning. Typically, I can gauge the level of student buy-in for the process before a word is...


Decision Time

I see the scenario play out year after year. The application process is begun with the highest of hopes and dreams. Most students who have selected a reasonable number of colleges and started their applications early will complete them and wait...


College For Everyone?

I spotted a New York Times article last week titled, “Should Everyone Go to College?” My immediate thought was no. After reading the article my response was still no. If you have a different opinion, please keep reading. My opinions come from...

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