College Admissions

College Application Deadlines

Curious thing about words… Do you ever look at a word and wonder how it got its meaning? Well, it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out how deadline got its meaning. Civil War prisoners actually forfeited their lives if they crossed a line...


The Final Deadline

November 1st came and went and the sun still came up on November 2nd even though you didn’t get all your applications submitted in time to beat the priority deadline. So, you won’t get a response from the college before Christmas. If that is the...


Interviews Aren’t So Bad

Interviewing with a college will likely not make or break the chance that a given student will be accepted into a university. There are always exceptions but few students would say or do something so ridiculous as to get such a strong reaction...


Ways to Maximize Your FAFSA Award

The biggest mistake that people make is not filling out the FAFSA or filling it out late. That makes no sense to me, but we were all raised in different homes… Abigail Hess did an excellent job of communicating the importance of completing the...


The Essay Editing Conundrum

With the early launch of applications, many motivated seniors have already received acceptance letters from colleges. But for those who have little desire to be first, the college application essays are still a hurdle to be cleared. Every year I...

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