Ever Looked at College From This Angle? First Installment

Until a few days ago I didn’t know who or what Neill Seltzer or Noodle Pros was. They both caught my eye when I read what Neill had to say about college admissions. Having concentrated most of my attention on college admissions for the past 11 years, there was little chance of discovering something new and different but he gave this old topic a new spin.

Anyone with doubts about whether to attend college or not needs to read the section of his article called, “College Is The Greatest Invention Ever.” I had not thought about it much but for anyone wanting or willing to learn anything, there exists on each college campus individuals that have dedicated their entire lives to study of a specific subject. They are waiting for you to arrive so that they can explain as much as humanly possible over the course of a semester to you. That’s a pretty cool way to look at taking college classes. In addition to having experts ready to teach you about any subject that interests you, also available is practically any kind of sport, club or activity you can imagine sitting ready for you to jump in and get involved. There is a wide array of men and women your age to hang out with, possibly date or even marry one day and no parents to approve or disapprove of the crowd or individual you choose to befriend. Now tell me, when in your life will you ever have so many people at your beck and call to help you get a leg up before launching into a career. When you look at it this way, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Now this isn’t all there is to My Seltzer’s article. It is divided into four parts. I thought each of them could stand alone; so for the next few weeks I will introduce another part of his piece titled, “3 Underrated Facts About College Admissions.”

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