Ever Looked at College From This Angle? Forth (Last) Installment

Even though Neill Seltzer did not include this as one of his three facts about college admissions, it is good advice when preparing for college. He encourages the student to do the things they love; do them as much and as well as they can. We all grow when we practice, learn and get better at something. It is almost always interesting to watch or talk with an expert on a subject or skill. That is how the colleges will see you when you have honed your unique skills to achieve a high level of expertise. Other benefits to being good at doing something is the attention and accolades it brings. Also, there will invariably be a funny, frightening or tragic story to go along with how you became so good at showcasing your special talent. Those stories make very good essays. Of course, no one becomes an expert at anything without a significant amount of help. The adults in your life that helped you raise the level of your skills will be able to write spectacular letters of recommendation that further explain why you are so special.

When you decide to go college shopping, be a shrewd shopper. You are the customer and usually, the customer is always right. Consider what you are about to offer the college; four or five years of your life and many thousands of dollars. Make sure to pick out the colleges that will most completely meet your wants and needs, then take time to explain to them how lucky they are to have received your consideration.

Once you have made your selection and move from home to campus, seek out other people who understand and celebrate your ideas, make friends with interesting and motivated professors and keep honing your special skills and increasing your knowledge of the things you love. This formula that Mr. Neill has laid out seems very simplistic when considering all the confusion surrounding the college application process and college admissions. The process can be relatively simple with the right preparation and remembering to stay focused on the goal instead of getting caught up on the hype. Just take a deep breath, and remember that there are thousands of colleges. Getting a rejection letter from one or two of them will not ruin your life. It only means that you have been given an opportunity to begin your adventure on a different campus.

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