Getting Admitted

If you Google how to be automatically admitted to Texas A&M, the following will be displayed;

“Automatically admitted if you complete all of Texas A&M’s required coursework, rank in the top 25% of your class at the time of application, and have an SAT score of at least 1300 (Math and Critical Reading) with each component at least 600, or an ACT composite of 30 with at least a 27 in English and Math.”

Just so you know, this is not the same information published on the A&M admissions website. Even though it is similar, it should convince you to double check information you receive online.

  • Complete Texas A&M’s required coursework
  • Rank in the top quarter of your graduating class on or before the application deadline
  • Meet test score minimums
    • SAT:  Total score of 1360 with at least 620 Math and 660 Reading and Writing
    • ACT:  Composite score of 30 with at least 27 English and 27 Math
  • Satisfy the State of Texas Uniform Admission Policy
  • Make sure all required documents are received by the application deadline.

These subtle differences in the automatic academic admission policy may be very important now, but that will not be the case for high school graduates in 2021. After the 2020 application season, automatic academic admission to Texas A&M will no longer exist. The only free pass into A&M’s main campus will be via the exclusive club called the top 10%. Hopefully, all you parents of underclassmen can see where this is headed.

Eventually, the number of top 10% applicants to A&M will exceed 75% of the freshman class and the numbers of top students automatically accepted will begin to shrink like that big school over in Austin. Even though I think that development is still years away; the fact remains that after this year, your “mad” test taking skills will no longer get you accepted. So, all you freshmen and sophomores who have A&M as your top choice need to buckle down and focus. You will have to be better than 90% of your peers to enter A&M worry-free.

Just in case you were considering asking me about getting into A&M while not being in the top 10%, relax; A&M accepts 71% of their applicants. You won’t need to worry until a higher percentage of those accepted students start saying yes. If you would like to read more about college admissions, take a look at my blog page:

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