For over 17 years Daniels Educational Consulting has assisted thousands of students to properly prepare to select and thrive in the right University. All of the over 2000 colleges and universities offering 4 year degrees offer financial incentives for the right student. We match your student with the right school at the lowest cost of attendance.

If your student is in high school and has not begun this process they are lagging behind many of their peers. College funding is awarded early in the spring. Don’t wait, it could cost you the right college and thousands in financial aid!

Even though it is never too late, preparations should begin in their freshman year.

We are advocates for YOUR student.

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What are your career goals? Do you know which majors and colleges would be a best fit for these goals?  Do you have the grades to attend your top choices? Do you know all about the costs to attend and sources of financial aid available to you? If you want the best college experience at a price you can afford you need to understand all…  learn more


College selection and Finance has changed dramatically in the years since you were in school.  The choices are overwhelming and you need an advocate who understands the options and has experience in motivating students to take action and complete all the many steps involved in the process today.  Your Free College Consultation includes… learn more


Are all the qualified students from your school getting into the right college with the lowest cost of attendance available?  Do you have the resources to monitor these very important student decisions for all of your college-bound students?  Daniels Educational Consulting can supplement the efforts of your College and Career Advisor by offering… learn more