How is Choosing a College Like a Roller Coaster Ride?

Well, college can be a scary proposition for some people. Others can’t wait for the experience, while still others could take it or leave it. At the best ones, there are long lines and no guarantee that you will get to the front of the line before the park closes. Some people are turned away because they just won’t fit and the majority of the population has no desire to get on the ride at all.

In my experiences with college and roller coasters, both were an amazing time of discovery. I discovered that a phobia could be developed for a thing while in the act of experiencing said thing. Soon after the start of my first roller coaster ride, I promised God that if I was allowed to touch solid ground again that I would never, ever set foot on a roller coaster again. That is a promise I have had no trouble keeping. Unlike roller coasters, the discoveries I made while in college included a love for learning that inspired me to share what little information I gather with anyone who wants it. I was made to feel both small and powerful at the same time by realizing how much there is to know and understanding that I could continue to accumulate new knowledge until my body was ready to return to the dust from which it was made.

So, what is your opinion of roller coasters? Are you always on the lookout for the tallest, the fastest, the longest or some other term that describes the “best”? Are you equally delighted to zoom down a small hill or a corner that does not resemble a right angle as to do a 360-degree inverted turn? Whatever your flavor of roller coaster, understand that there are also different flavors of colleges. A handful of them will offer you a thrilling, exciting and educational time without leaving you shell shocked and petrified. Coasters like Millennium Force and Steel Dragon 2000 are not built for everyone. That is why there are so many medium and small coasters. Find one that scares you just a little but leaves you delightfully giggly when it’s over. That’s good advice for the roller coaster ride you choose too… If you would like to find out more take a look at my blog page:

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