Introducing Austin College

Austin College is a small, 4-year, private liberal arts and sciences college located in the small city of Sherman, Texas. It was founded in 1849 by Presbyterian missionary Dr. Daniel Baker. Austin College was granted a charter signed by Texas Governor George Wood in November of 1849 and is the oldest institution of higher education in Texas still operating under its original name and charter. The College originally opened in Huntsville and admitted its first class in the fall of 1850. Its original building still stands in Huntsville. Three yellow fever epidemics, the Civil War, and difficult economic conditions prompted the College’s relocation to north Texas in 1876. In 1930 it merged with Texas Presbyterian College, an institution for women to become the coeducational institution we know today.

The university supports a diverse student body with 47% White, 24% Latino, 13% Asian, 10% Black students on campus. Of those students, 48% are men, 52% women. The number of students from inside the state of Texas is 94% with only 6% coming from outside the state. Average scores of applicants who are admitted to Austin College have an SAT range of 1110-1310 and an ACT range of 23-29. About 90% are from top half of high school class. The college maintains an undergraduate population of about 1,294 total students with 378 degree-seeking freshmen.

Students considering Austin College can expect a cost of attendance of approximately $57,492. Tuition and fees make up $42,615 of that amount. The college has committed to meeting 88% of student’s financial need. This commitment results in an average financial aid package of $40,581. The Marque programs at Austin College in order of popularity are Business/Marketing, Biology, Psychology, Social Sciences and Health Professions.

Sherman, Denison and McKinney are a group of small cities, but they offer a wealth of history, arts and culture. If anything, students are looking for cannot be found on or around campus, it will not be very far away. Just to the south in Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex are six major sports teams and several major entertainment centers. Ten miles to the north is the Robbie Kubela Rogers Lake Campus at Lake Texoma where students can participate in recreational activities, retreats, meetings, and camping.

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