Introducing Lycoming College

Lycoming College is a small, 4-year, private liberal arts college located in Williamsport Pennsylvania. Williamsport is a small city of about 29,000 and is in the Northern-Central portion of the state. Lycoming College has 1,142 total undergrads; 323 of them are degree-seeking freshmen. The tuition and fees for a full time student are $41,851. With the average financial aid package coming in at $46,430 Lycoming can be an affordable option for many students. The university is committed to covering 86% of the applicant’s financial need.

The two most popular majors at Lycoming College are in the Social Sciences which attracts 20% of the student population and
Business/Marketing has 18% of the students. Visual and Performing Arts, Biology and Psychology collectively have another 32% of the students in their respective departments. There are slightly more women working toward their degrees at Lycoming College than men, 41% of the students are from out of state, 60% of the students are Caucasian, 13% Black and 12% Hispanic. The university competes in Division III Athletics. They support 18 men’s and women’s teams as well as a variety of club sports for the casual athlete.

The city of Williamsport along with Lycoming College boasts an active art scene with a number of galleries. There are no graduate programs at the college so undergrads supply all the student-produced art.

The Center for Enhanced Academic Experiences (CEAE) ensures that 100% of Lycoming students graduate with an enhanced academic experience. Career advising begins at freshman orientation. Students are provided opportunities for applying their majors and interests in fieldwork, internships, research, and global study. These experiences accelerate the transition from classroom to career and allow Lycoming grads to make an immediate impact in their careers and in graduate programs.

Even though the sciences are not the most popular majors on campus, they encompass a wide variety of very attractive majors that include Environmental Science, Conservation, Neuroscience, Criminal Justice and Archeology. There is also coursework designed to prepare the student interested in medicine for all the human medical professions and animal medicine as well.

Housing at any college can be a fantastic experience or it can be a low point in the time spent away at school. Lycoming has a wide variety of living spaces available that range from private rooms to four-room suites. The administration has made a point of accommodating the wants and needs of LGBT & Transgender students. All living spaces provided by the university support gender neutral housing and provide on-campus support.

If any of what you read above sounds interesting to you, contact Iris Menddz, Admissions Counselor at |570-321-4435. She can get you the any additional information you need to make an informed decision about whether Lycoming College is a good fit for you.

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