Introducing Purdue University

Purdue University is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. Classes began being taught at Purdue University in 1874 with six instructors and 39 students. Today it has 33,000 undergraduates with a freshman class of about 8,000. Even though almost half the undergraduate students at Purdue are studying some form of Engineering or business, the school boasts 11 academic colleges that include Nursing, Computer Science and Pharmacy with Flight, Hospitality and Design majors available to the student body. Students also have access to certifications in Entrepreneurship, Integrated Liberal Arts and Degree + (adding a degree to their program). Innovations and options like these make Purdue more than just another big state school.

Because Purdue is a state school, residents of Indiana pay approximately one third the tuition required for students from outside the state. In-state tuition is about $9,000 and about $28,000 for out-of-state students. This makes the starting price tag to attend Purdue about $39,000 if you don’t live in the state. The good news is that tuition has been frozen for all students and every applicant has automatic consideration for merit-based scholarships. More than a third of the students requiring need-based aid had their full financial need met.

Every state has a land grant university and Purdue is the land grant university in Indiana. In 2019 Purdue received almost 55,000 applications for admission. The middle 50% of those applicants had a GPA range of 3.5-3.9, an SAT score range of 1210-1420 or ACT score range of 26-33. With large numbers of applicants and high standards for admission, the competition is stiff to gain admittance to Purdue University. Even though the regular admission deadline is January 15th, students are encouraged to have their completed application submitted by November 1st. Anyone interested in university honors programs must indicate honors interest on admission application.

Anyone applying to college knows that grades, test scores, essays, activities and sometime recommendations are important parts of the application. What many students do not realize is that other things are considered. Things like geographical residence, race and ethnicity can make a student attractive to a university determined maintain a diverse student population. The applicant’s level of interest can also make a difference. Colleges want students who are excited to be on campus. A particular talent or ability can make an applicant more attractive as well as volunteer work and/or work experience. If you feel you would fit in at Purdue, give them the opportunity to say yes to your application.

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