Introducing Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University is located in Fort Worth, Texas. It is a private university that was founded in 1873 when the Clark brothers entered into an affiliation with the Disciples of Christ. Prospective students do not have to worry about becoming Disciples of Christ as there are more than 60 faiths represented on campus and 88 countries represented in the student body.

If you are interested in music or medicine, then TCU is the place to be. The School of Music has a new building on campus and the Musical Theater program is growing by leaps and bounds along with most of the other fine arts programs. The Nursing school is one of the best anywhere. The program is almost as competitive as it is good. To increase your chances of being accepted, take a few extra science classes and find experiences outside the classroom. The Medical school accepted its first cohort class in 2019. One third of the available spaces in the medical school will be reserved for students attending TCU and there is talk about the a few spaces being reserved for automatic undergraduate admits to the medical school.

The medical and the music programs are not the only shining stars on the TCU campus. Business stands out as the most popular major at TCU. All you need do is access the Neely School of Business website to see how highly their peers and other business institutions regard the work they do.  

Even though the TCU student population is 59% female and one in four is a student of color, TCU is pushing for greater diversity. If this is beginning to sound like the place for you, remember that not everyone can gain acceptance to these programs. The mid-range of test scores that gained student’s acceptance to TCU is 1150-1340 on the SAT and 26-30 on the ACT.

As with any private institution, sticker price makes a local public school look much more affordable. Don’t let that keep you from doing your homework and talking with admission and financial aid departments to see if bringing the cost of attendance in line with your available resources is possible. A good place to start is by contacting the Houston Admissions Representative, Dalton Goodier,  He shares Houston with a couple other representatives but will be happy to get your questions answered.  Send him a message and start exploring the possibilities that wait for you at TCU.

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