Introducing The College of Wooster

The college of Wooster is diverse. Their student population is 53% female, 22% students of color, 16% international, 72% non-Ohio residents, represent 45 states and 62 countries; and the band wears Kilts when they perform.

One of the most notable features of a degree from Wooster is that every student is involved in an independent study project. The capstone course is completed senior year and there is an oral defense of the work. I encourage any student considering research as a part of their college education or career to take a close look at Wooster.

Because the college attracts students from all around the world, meals and housing are available year-round on campus. After all, it’s not a hop, skip and a jump to travel home for spring break when home might be in Germany. The college of Wooster resides on a 240 acre campus in the northeastern portion of Ohio and has a student population of about 2,000. They offer a surprising array of majors, pre-professional and dual degree professional programs. Like many private schools, the sticker price would likely stop many families in their tracks, but 80% of the students receive financial aid and some of the scholarships are quite generous. Seniors can go to their website and submit the early aid estimator to see if attending Wooster is financially feasible.

The city of Wooster has a population of 30,000. Large enough to attract all the businesses that provide ample creature comforts but small enough to provide room for the students that want to get outside and enjoy their natural surroundings.  The golf course, arboretum and the 1,000 acre state park provide plenty of space to get outside and enjoy nature.

One third of the students at Wooster participate in the 23 different sports teams. If sports are not your thing, one of the 130 student organizations should have something you like. The size of the Wooster community coupled with the opportunity for research, internships, participation in sports, student organizations and the performing arts creates a place where success is only limited by the size of the dream. If this sounds like a place that you would like to explore, contact Shelby Pykare (330-263-2589, the Texas representative for Wooster. She is a 2013 graduate of Wooster and would be more than happy to tell you about her alma mater.

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