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Dr. Jerry Daniels graduated from East Texas State (Texas A&M Commerce) with a Bachelors of Science Degree in 1983. He completed a Masters of Science Degree from East Texas State the following year. He completed his PhD at Texas A&M University in 1994.

Dr. Daniels taught agriculture science in Fort Bend ISD Sugar Land, Texas for 10 years. He was privileged to also teach at Houston Community College Northwest campus for a period of time. In 1996 Dr. Daniels was selected as Fort Bend ISD secondary teacher of the year.

He later spent one year in the field of computers when he assumed the role of Director of Technology for Buffalo ISD in Buffalo, Texas. The following year he was offered the position of Student Advisor and Lecturer at Texas A&M University.

This position allowed him to develop a detailed understanding of what is expected of the student at the secondary level of education as well as from institutions of higher learning. The years of working with high school and college youth in Fort Bend ISD and at Texas A&M revealed a need for intensive and individual advising for anyone seeking a college degree. Counselors at the high school and college level do an excellent job but may have several hundred students assigned to their care. The focus of the educational consultant is to concentrate on the needs of the individual student. We provide guidance in academic areas that bridge the gap between what was learned in high school and understanding the complexities of higher education.



Honors & Awards

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Education & Training

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Thank you very much. You did a wonderful job with Margo and Cody. A little update Cody is in Texas A&M Business School as a junior with a 3.2 GPA. Wow! Margo is at Mary Hardin Baylor and will finish in three years. She will graduate in May and go on for a physical therapy masters and PhD. She got her first “B” last semester. Super Wow!
Haley we will see. She is starting out at Lone Star this fall. A lot of potential still being held down?
We were extremely pleased with your advice.

Thanks so much – I was just curious how educators might look at the difference between private and public (schools). Thanks so much for your sage advice and have a wonderful weekend!!!

Cathy C.

Dear Mr. Daniels,
I got into Colorado at Boulder!!!! I haven’t heard back from the other two, but I thought I’d let you know about CU anyways since it is my top choice!!! Thanks for helping me!!!

Stephanie B.

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