Make a Large College Feel Like Home

Summary of an article published in U.S. News & World Report written by Brianna Boyington
What is the most important reason people go to college. If you said to get an education you are as wrong as I was when I gave that answer in 1983. It is to make contacts that will become life-long friends who will impact your career at every turn. Making those friends/contacts is also an important ingredient in fighting off homesickness, loneliness and feelings of isolation.
I suggest contacting admissions advisers, academic advisers and professors in your major before application season arrives. Knowing people like this on campus can really increase the comfort level when leaving home for good. Another smart move it to add the number for the Student Affairs office to your speed dial. They can bail you out of trouble with your professors with one call when things go sideways and you can’t help missing class.
Don’t worry about fitting in at college. That is a high school thing and wasn’t even a good idea then. Find people and organizations that reflect who you are or start an organization of your own. Oh, and that advice you got all through school to sit up front and pay attention. It is practically a requirement in college. Also, introduce yourself to the professor and make use of those office hours they give you. If you begin to struggle tell your resident assistant, your academic adviser, your teaching assistant, go see a counselor or something. Don’t allow yourself to feel isolated. All those people are there to help you adjust to college life. It’s a big campus. Let a few people show you around. Maybe you can do the same for another lost freshman one day.

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