Make Good Money Without a College Degree

Now, why would someone who makes their living preparing students for college advertise career choices that don’t require a college degree? That’s because student success is the objective and not necessarily a college degree. All the following occupations will pay between $43,000 and $78,000 according to Of course, compensation will depend on experience and the cost of living in the surrounding area.

Patrol Officer, Executive Assistant, Sales Representative, Flight Attendant, Electrician, Plumber, Wind Turbine Technician, Brick Mason and Block Mason, Structural Iron and Steelworker and Sound Engineering Technician.

These 10 occupations are not for everyone. That statement is true for any occupation, but these require special skills that many people do not possess. Note that all these choices require additional training with some form of certifications or apprenticeships before becoming a self-sufficient wage earner. Few students could exit the stage after receiving their high school diploma and step into one of these jobs. With that said, families need to be aware of Career and Technology Education opportunities in their school districts. Many of these programs offer certification in some of these areas and provide apprenticeship and internship opportunities for high school students seeking these certifications.

Challenges with gaining employment for high school graduates who decide to take positions similar to these include employers’ preference for college graduates when one is available and belief that these are dead-end jobs. The solution to these challenges is a willingness to continue the education process if necessary. Employers who want skilled workers that can be promoted within their companies may even offer tuition reimbursement. Those who take advantage of these opportunities are able to move into more desirable positions when they become available.

The bottom line is that a college degree is not the only way to acquire financial stability and live a comfortable life. No matter the occupation, workers today must continually update the information they possess or risk falling behind in their field. Choose a career that you love so that learning more about it continues to be an attractive opportunity instead of a chore to be avoided. Both you and your employer will have happier lives if you enjoy the work that earns you a living.

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