Men’s Colleges Matter

I had never given much thought to suggesting any of my male clients consider an all-male college for their education. It wouldn’t strike me as strange if few parents have considered that alternative.

Recently, an article written by Chris Teare caught my eye and made me think that I could be doing some of my male clients a disservice by not educating myself about the virtues of our all-male colleges.

First of all, there are only four choices for young men seeking a college where all their classmates will be men (Morehouse College, Hampden-Sydney College, St. John’s University and Wabash College). Also, each of the male colleges has an all-female counterpart as close as across the street in some cases.

One of the things that struck me about these four schools is their rich history. Each of them has a unique allure and I can’t imagine the same individual applying to more than one of them because they are so drastically different in their missions. These schools have produced legends and heroes in industry, politics, sports and the arts. They attract a specific kind of individual that typically has a thought further ahead about the things they want to accomplish than their peers. Because none of the students at these schools are female, they focus strictly on developing the mind and body of the boys they accept into the men that will earn their degrees.

There are far too many colleges out there to closely inspect each and every one, but only four of them are all-male institutions. The young man in your house will be able to dispense with three of them immediately upon accessing their websites or reading their mission statements. The one left standing just might be a college that should be added to that short list. Check them out.

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