Not Gearing Up For The Start Of School? Consider Yourself Warned…

What was that again about an endorsement? I didn’t know that everybody had to have one… Yes, every student in a Texas public school has to have an endorsement. This endorsement can be a footnote over the course of the high school education or it could put graduation in jeopardy. If you don’t understand the ramifications of the endorsement and how they are chosen, find out what it means right away.

I want to let those of you in middle school know that you are not shielded from recent legislation that has changed the way public schools relate to students while giving them an education. Career awareness, high school credit in the seventh and eighth grades and the aforementioned endorsements will impact your life as well.

In case no one in your family has noticed, high school doesn’t last very long. Only freshmen have three years to think things over. My hope is that while they are contemplating college and careers, they are moving toward a career area. By “moving toward,” I mean doing a little research, talking to someone in the area of interest, searching out a shadowing experience or part-time job in that area or attending a summer camp on a college campus offered by a department dealing with that career area. Any or all of these activities are suggested as a way to have a productive summer that will directly impact the courses you decide to take, the colleges to which you ultimately decide to apply and the major you pursue.

Having some idea of what kind of career is interesting allows the student to choose a direction instead of paralyzing confusion. Even if that interest wanes and the direction changes, at least something they don’t want has been eliminated. It is so much better to go through the elimination process in high school than while in college… If you don’t believe me, just ask someone who has a child in college that has change majors a couple times.

Be sure you have a plan for the coming year and that parents and students are at least close to being on the same page. It will save time, money and a lot of stress when the student is a rising senior.

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