One More Thing To Do Before High School Is Over

Just about everything is set. Your preferred college has accepted you and offered an incentive or two to attend their school. You are on track to be exempt from your finals, the preference for summer orientation is open and the path looks clear to begin working on your undergraduate degree in the fall.

One thing that I will encourage you to do is make a profile on the LinkedIn website and fill it out as completely as possible for a high school graduate. Once that is done, invite people you know to become a member of your network. Words like network and networking may not be very important right now, but they will eventually impact your life more than you can presently imagine.

Just consider for a moment what you do when you have a question. The easy thing is to ask whoever is in the room with you at the time. The very next thing is to pull the computer from your pocket and ask Google. Guess what, potential employers do that too. They default to social, and in this case, business media to learn about potential interns and employees. An impressive web presence on the leading business networking site can get you noticed.

Consider the reverse of the previous scenario. You are looking for an internship or a job after graduation from college. You have identified several decision makers of companies that would be great fits for you. How do you get noticed when you know that your application and resume will be one of hundreds the company receives? Find those decision makers on LinkedIn and see if you have any of your contacts know them. An introduction from someone who knows you both regularly determines who is granted an interview.

This is the most important function for a job seeker. Other benefits of the LinkedIn profile can help people in business keep their contact information updated as well as inform them of promotions, anniversaries and relevant expert information. This is a no-brainer so follow the advice of a very successful and recognizable company and “Just Do It”.

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