Client Reviews

Haniel N.
Mr. Daniels adequately prepared me for the daunting college application process! At first, it seemed like a lot, but he did not hesitate to help me with my essays and review all my applications, allowing me to always improve on them. He is always quick to respond to concerns and sees clearly the needs of each of his clients. Thank you!

Austin C.
I started meeting with Jerry very early on, 8th grade. I’m so glad that I did, because he taught me how to reach out and communicate with the right contacts on my college list. He also taught me how to create my resources that allowed me to stand out to every college I was interested in attending. Thank you, Jerry, for the incredible journey these past four years.

Noah Z.
Jerry Daniels has helped me prepare myself for college in ways that weren’t offered anywhere else. At first, the assignments I had to do seemed insignificant, but when I realized I was much further ahead in the game compared to my peers, I understood the value of Jerry’s work.

Abdur A.
I really enjoyed the Daniels College Planning experience. They provided constructive feedback on the supplemental essays, such as grammar and sentence-idea transitions, and most importantly, how to approach the long, arduous task of crafting a personal essay with simple techniques that can’t be found elsewhere.

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