The Final Deadline

November 1st came and went and the sun still came up on November 2nd even though you didn’t get all your applications submitted in time to beat the priority deadline. So, you won’t get a response from the college before Christmas. If that is the worst thing you had happen this year, you are living a charmed life.

Before you relax too much, remember how far away November 1st seemed when you were playing video games in August instead of working on your applications? The final deadline can sneak up on you just as fast as the priority deadline did. Get the applications completed before you leave school for the Thanksgiving holiday. I know that you will have all that time over the holidays to do that massive amount of work, but you also had the entire summer to do that work with just a few months ago.

Consider that most of the applications a college will receive will begin flowing into the admissions offices around the middle of November. Don’t you want your application to arrive before the tidal wave hits? As the number of applications increase in an admissions office, the amount of time available to review each application shrinks. Do you want your file to get a careful review of do you want the admissions official to scan it for whatever information is quickly obvious?

Do yourself and the admissions committees a favor and commit to getting your applications submitted by November 12th. It’s not the ideal time, but it is a lot better than 11:00 PM on the last day applications are accepted.

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