Welcoming A “Brainy” New Colleague To Town

I paid Dr. Armein Alsuezi (AKA Dr. A.) a visit this week on the advice of a business colleague. He is the owner of Brainy Learning Club in Katy. There are a lot of tutoring storefronts out there but I continue to have clients ask me if I know a good tutor for various subjects and test prep. My discussion with Dr. A. and the way he approaches tutoring was very encouraging.

One of the things I really liked is that he hires senior students from the local schools who are high performers in specific subjects. There is nothing like having someone from your peer group explaining information that they learned from classrooms in the same district. Local students are also much more likely to establish a rapport with other area students. Feeling comfortable with a tutor removes a sometime hidden barrier from the learning process.

When it comes to test prep, he has a common-sense approach. Families can concentrate on specific sections of the SAT and/or the ACT exams with hourly tutoring or take advantage of a guarantee Dr. A. offers with a program he designed that is tied to the score achieved after your tutoring experience.

One very big advantage is that he is local. He has children in local public schools and is aware of many things that cause a child to struggle with their formal education. Of course, I have not experienced the tutoring prowess of the staff at the Brainy Learning Club but after talking with Dr. A, I would be confident in the help that his tutors could provide me. Check out his website and pay him a visit when the student in your family needs a little extra help to maintain that stellar GPA or get ready for that college entrance exam. (http://brainylearningclub.com/) I would appreciate a brief description of your experience when you do.

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