What Do Your Kids Believe?

Are you familiar with the acronym BFOO? It is a Blinding Flash Of the Obvious. Thursday morning I experienced a BFOO while watching a video sent to me by Nolen Davis, owner of Vids Inc. His motivational presentation to a group of middle school kids was already near and dear to my heart because I commit a great deal of time doing that very thing; but it was what one of the students said after experiencing his presentation that caught my attention. He said that he always wanted to create things and now he knows he can create things of his own. If you are disappointed that it wasn’t on the scale of a voice from heaven, consider this. What do your kids believe?
When I use the word “believe”, I don’t mean what you tell your child or the default responses they give most of the time when questioned. Do you know what makes them get back up when they are knocked down or keep trying when their peers throw in the towel? That is the fertile ground on which you must plant the seeds of their bright future.
Some of my first clients were faced with a unique problem. They were in pursuit of a college major and later career that did not interest them. Their parents had decided that they would make a good (insert career here). The dutiful child, not wanting to disappoint their loving parents followed along, dreading the long nights studying and the drudgery of living a life doing something they would never choose for themselves. Those parents never stopped to ask themselves if their child shared their views. Every child is born an individual and expresses their individuality more with each passing year – if allowed.
So what does your child believe? What topics make them do their best impression of a chatterbox? Those things point the way to their passions. Learn about them, research them and encourage your child to do the same. Introduce them to people involved in the career areas surrounding their passions and help them explore majors that lead to those careers. Magic happens when you move along that path together. Try making a little of the magic at home that Nolen Davis and I see every time we talk to your kids and experience your very own BFOO.

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