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Thank you very much. You did a wonderful job with Margo and Cody. A little update Cody is in Texas A&M Business School as a junior with a 3.2 GPA. Wow! Margo is at Mary Hardin Baylor and will finish in three years. She will graduate in May and go on for a physical therapy masters and PhD. She got her first “B” last semester. Super Wow!
Haley we will see. She is starting out at Lone Star this fall. A lot of potential still being held down?
We were extremely pleased with your advice.

Thanks so much – I was just curious how educators might look at the difference between private and public (schools). Thanks so much for your sage advice and have a wonderful weekend!!!

Cathy C.

Dear Mr. Daniels,
I got into Colorado at Boulder!!!! I haven’t heard back from the other two, but I thought I’d let you know about CU anyways since it is my top choice!!! Thanks for helping me!!!

Stephanie B.
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