Christmas and College

Whether you or your child is in college or applying to college, the holiday season will be a welcome break from the anxiety and pressure that higher education can produce; at least, it should. If you are a high school senior that has procrastinated through the entire fall semester,your holiday break will be hijacked by an empty application file.

This extended break is the perfect time to reflect on the events of the fall semester for all those seniors who are done with their applications and college students returning home. High school seniors likely have an acceptance letter or two in hand. I encourage you to read through the information accompanying those letters carefully. Be sure you understand what committing to the college of your dreams will mean. Remember that the colleges will reserve your place until May 1st once you have been accepted.Don’t rush to commit, especially if you applied to two or three dream schools.Take a step back and look at what each institution has to offer. Make this as much a business decision as you can. It could make a big difference on the amount of time you spend in college as well as the amount of debt you accumulate before graduation.

If you are a college student with a month of vacation staring you in the face, take a breather for a few days and then do some planning. How did the fall semester go for you? Does the grade report have all A’s? If not, what prevented you from achieving that 4.0 GPA? What do your courses look like for the spring semester? Were you able to select the courses you wanted or does your department have a strictly regimented course schedule you have to follow? Did you get nurturing or cut-throat professors? Does your schedule align well with your sleep schedule and what can you do to improve your chances of having a perfect spring semester?My intent is not to ruin your holiday season. This is something I constantly remind my clients to do –plan. If the things I mentioned seem overwhelming now, just consider how overwhelming they will be when you actually have to do them. Don’t start obsessing over what could happen in the spring. Consider the possibilities and decide which of them are best for you. Make a plan to do those things and acceptance to that dream college or achieving that 4.0 GPA is more likely to be your reward by the end of next semester.

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