Introducing Franklin & Marshall College

Franklin & Marshall College was founded in 1787 with a generous donation by Ben Franklin himself. It is a medium-sized, 4-year, private liberal arts college located one hour by train from Philly in Lancaster, PA. Lancaster is a small city but it has one of the largest refugee populations in the US. Many of the refugees come from the war-torn Middle East but the latest arrivals are from the Caribbean. The mix of so many peoples from completely different backgrounds will undoubtedly add a significant bit of flavor to the college education.

Franklin & Marshall College was founded as Franklin College. It was the first coed college but did not remain so. Coeducation was abandoned for 182 years before being reinstated in 1969. From its founding, instruction was delivered in both English and German, making Franklin College the first bilingual college in the country. In 1853 Marshall College moved to Lancaster, PA. It was founded in 1836 by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall in Mercersburg, PA. Marshall College merged with Franklin College to form the Franklin & Marshall College we have today.

Even though Social Studies are the most popular majors on campus, there are five performing arts studios available for students to hone their crafts in dance, music and theater. Because of the wide variety of majors, students can sometime struggle to focus on a specific educational path. One very helpful system in place at Franklin & Marshall College is The Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development. Career planning begins freshman year. With skilled career advisors helping students make decisions throughout their college years, the process can proceed with purpose and in an efficient manner.

Franklin & Marshall College has a number of themed houses that are academic as well as activity-based including the Art House, the Quiet Living House and the Wellness House. In addition to the various themed living spaces, the administration has made a point of accommodating the wants and needs of LGBT & Transgender students. All living spaces provided by the university support gender neutral housing and provide on-campus support

Of course, not everything at Franklin & Marshall revolves around outstanding courses and living spaces. One quarter of the students are involved in one of the 24 men’s and women’s varsity sports. All the teams compete at the Division III level except for wrestling. Those tough guys compete at the Division I level.

If any of what you read above sounds interesting to you, contact Karla Kiefer, Admissions Counselor at She can get you the any additional information you need to make an informed decision about whether Franklin & Marshall College is a good fit for you.

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