Parents Have to Watch Their Kids Like a Hawk

Did you or do you keep your kids within arm’s reach when in public? If your kids are in their teens and able to navigate the obstacles in public places, then they may be all right wandering around on their own. But, if your kids are any younger don’t make the mistake of giving them free reign to move about any room you decide to enter. That bit of advice would have saved a family in Kansas some legal headaches and maybe a lot of money.

Video surveillance shows an image of a five-year-old across the room from his parents approach a glass sculpture. The next image shows the sculpture is laying on the floor with the boy looking down at it. The sculpture was uninsured and the creator values it at $132,000. The city has sent the parents a bill for that amount.

Mom said that it was an accident and that her son was most likely hugging the sculpture because he is a very loving person. Even though that description of the child tugs at the heartstrings, the city and the owner of the sculpture want their money.Having been around children of all ages my entire life, I understand that it is virtually impossible to control every action a child will take. By the same token, I have witnessed far too many parents treating every place they enter like a Chuckey Cheese franchise. Once they get through the door of an establishment, the kids have the run of the place. Things like playing tag in a restaurant, or hide and seek in a museum or war games in a department store are not all right. I have witnessed minor accidents as well as near disasters with kids doing things they should not in public places. The parents usually are oblivious to what their kids are doing. Even more shocking is to observe parents actually watching every move their kids make and allowing them to run into unsuspecting patrons and cause others to search for somewhere far removed from the inappropriate actions of the youngsters.

Even though most adults are very forgiving of the things that children do, don’t count on that from everyone. Someone who has never been around children or who is having a bad day or someone who believes everyone should behave well in public – no matter what, can really ruin your day by holding you accountable for an accident your child had in public.

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