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Toot Your Own Horn

With all the TV programming dedicated to so-called reality, games and people doing bizarre things to get on the news, one would think that self-expression has become second nature to everyone. This is definitely not the case. Year after year I...


Everybody Loves a Winner

Ever wonder why the SAT became such a big deal in the college application process? Well, colleges can’t build a reputation solely on the number and identity of the students they accept; they must usher those students through their programs and...


Rising Seniors Without A Plan

At some point during final exams this month, some families slowly began to realize that this is the last time their rising senior will return to high school in the fall. Eventually, the weight of that realization sinks in and then comes panic...


Summer Plans And Beyond

Summers on the farm back in the 1970’s when I was a teen are nothing like summers for teens these days. Modern day students must have at least a bit of their attention focused on the road ahead. As a college planner, I encourage my clients to...


Proceed With Caution

You know how golden words can roll off someone’s tongue and you are ready to proclaim them all-knowing and all-seeing? But then, they keep talking and that burst of brilliance fades to black… That was my experience with an article written by...


What Are They Thinking?

I decided not to jump into the fray of the Springer college admissions scandal. The people involved are reasonably far removed from my world. My clients are seeking information that will complement the efforts of their children to gain access to...

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