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Let Your Kids Grow Up And Away

Recently I read a blog written by Andrew Belasco, CEO of College Transitions. He described that how “A few years ago, a student at the University of Cincinnati won a restraining order against her parents for “stalking” her in college. They had...


Searching For the Silver Lining

“You Can’t Make a Silk Purse Out of a Sow’s Ear.” What you can do is tan the ear and make a leather pouch. No, it’s not silk but it is useful, functional and much more attractive than the ear you started with. By now you are probably asking...


Some People Do Plan To Fail

I have heard motivational speakers and self-help gurus say in a number of presentations that no one ever plans to fail. From a few experiences with clients over the years, I would have to disagree with them. A very small number of clients I have...


Toot Your Own Horn

With all the TV programming dedicated to so-called reality, games and people doing bizarre things to get on the news, one would think that self-expression has become second nature to everyone. This is definitely not the case. Year after year I...


Everybody Loves a Winner

Ever wonder why the SAT became such a big deal in the college application process? Well, colleges can’t build a reputation solely on the number and identity of the students they accept; they must usher those students through their programs and...

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