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Invest Where It Does The Most Good

The college admissions and financial aid headlines are littered with stories about elite colleges; Harvard’s law suit, Stanford’s adjustments to financial aid calculations, UT Austin’s endowment surpassing Yale, and Bloomberg’s mega donation to...


Christmas and College

Whether you or your child is in college or applying to college, the holiday season will be a welcome break from the anxiety and pressure that higher education can produce; at least, it should. If you are a high school senior that has...


High School to College to Career

I talk almost non-stop to parents, tweens, teens and students in their early 20’s about getting into and succeeding in college. The story doesn’t end with the words, “and they all lived happily ever after” once someone graduates from college...


Pace Yourself

Back in college, I participated in a fitness and conditioning study. One measurement taken was endurance. It was measured by running on a treadmill that tilted up one grade and sped up one mile per hour at regular intervals. What does this have...

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