It’s March. What should I Do This Month?

What high school students should be doing depends on what they eventually want to do. Some students interested in medicine, law, or research. Others want to work with their hands and others want a career that allows them to be outside. Preparation to do these kinds of things can be very, very different but there

Reasons That a College Might Not Accept You

Recently, I saw an article about why colleges deny applicants. Hoping to gain additional insight, I read the article. Turns out that I already possessed all the information presented there. It dawned on me that most families and high school students do not have this information, so this is the short version along with a

Back To School This Year Is About More Than Getting An Education

I spent 10 years teaching in a high school classroom and each fall brought with it a new or modified responsibility. There was always another form or test or record or instructional modification that was required by the district, the state or the federal government. They were all connected to student performance or teacher accountability

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