The Rich Get Richer

You can’t fault the elite colleges for the pandemic or the reaction of high school seniors to the problems the virus has caused. Applying to college is a much-derided process in normal years and like many areas of society, the pandemic has thrust it squarely onto the stage of public opinion. Confusion was replaced with

Don’t Go Looking For Things To Worry About

Recently I got a request from a client to review their transcript and provide advice regarding the chances of their child successfully completing their undergraduate course of study. They wanted me to identify pitfalls that might prevent them from graduating with a college degree. It took a moment to arrange those thoughts in my head,

Just The Facts, Please

In an article written by Brennan Barnard, author of the book, “The Truth about College Admission: A Family Guide to Getting In and Staying Together;” he attempts to educate parents and students about how and where to find the truth surrounding all the gossip that causes stress during the college application process. A wide array

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