Back To School This Year Is About More Than Getting An Education

I spent 10 years teaching in a high school classroom and each fall brought with it a new or modified responsibility. There was always another form or test or record or instructional modification that was required by the district, the state or the federal government. They were all connected to student performance or teacher accountability

Make Good Money Without a College Degree

Now, why would someone who makes their living preparing students for college advertise career choices that don’t require a college degree? That’s because student success is the objective and not necessarily a college degree. All the following occupations will pay between $43,000 and $78,000 according to www.therichest.com. Of course, compensation will depend on experience and

Spread the word about Trade Careers

Katie Bingham-Smith is a mom, and she is married to a plumber. She has watched her teenage son grow up learning how to work by emulating his dad. The plumbing trade is second nature to him, and he has chosen to pursue it as a career instead of a four-year college degree. Katie will take

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