Avoid These Mistakes When Completing The FAFSA

Remember back in school when you didn’t know the answer to a test question, and you left it blank. What did the teacher tell you every time that happened? “Don’t leave it blank. Put something; guess if you have to but don’t leave a question blank.” Pretend I am your former teacher and the FAFSA

Help Students Find Good Fit Colleges With Meaningful Marketing

No one is surprised anymore to hear that colleges need to change a lot of things about the way they do business. Brandon Busteed is a specialist on this very topic and has hit upon a change that few people might have considered to be high on the list of changes that college should make.

Introducing Pennsylvania State University

Penn State University is located in University Park, Pennsylvania. University Park is in central Pennsylvania just off Interstate 220, about 136 miles northeast of Pittsburgh and 193 miles northwest of Philadelphia. The other designations pinpointing its location are unusual and a bit confusing so I will leave it at that. The main campus is one

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