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Men’s Colleges Matter

I had never given much thought to suggesting any of my male clients consider an all-male college for their education. It wouldn’t strike me as strange if few parents have considered that alternative. Recently, an article written by Chris Teare...


Too Much Time on My Hands

“Too Much Time on My Hands” is the title of a catchy tune from my younger years but not a phrase that is even whispered by any of my present-day peers. Kids occasionally voice this complaint by using the words “I’m bored” during long, hot summer...


Make a Large College Feel Like Home

Summary of an article published in U.S. News & World Report written by Brianna Boyington What is the most important reason people go to college. If you said to get an education you are as wrong as I was when I gave that answer in 1983. It is...


What Kind of Flying Machine are You?

As the number of young people I assist in preparing for college continues to grow, one of my initial observations proves itself time and again. Students who have involved parents tend to meet and exceed requirements for college admissions at a...

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